Ben Franklin’s son William was the Royal Governor of New Jersey until the Revolutionary War came and father and son found themselves on opposite sides of the conflict. On the eve of war, William is arrested and spends two years in prison, much of it in solitary confinement.

He emerges from prison a broken man, but determined to help defeat the rebels. Rebuffed by the British military, he starts a clandestine spy ring and terrorist cell in Occupied New York City, leading a collection of unlikely agents to collect information and thwart the traitorous Americans. His particular target is Captain Jack Huddy, a rebel pirate running raids along the coastline who manages to evade all attempts to stop him.

But as the war starts to go badly for the British, William is faced with a choice: watch helplessly as his country falls to the rebels, or defy British command and make one final attempt at extracting justice.

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About D.S. Duffy

D.S. Duffy is the pen name of designer Dan Saffer. He’s written several books on design and is now working on a novel, Independence. His writing has also appeared in Wired, BusinessWeek, Fast Company, and The Wall Street Journal. He lives in San Francisco.

About Independence

Independence is work-in-progress novel that tells the story of William (son of Ben) Franklin. During the American War for Independence, William, deposed from his role as Royal Governor of New Jersey, leads a spy ring and terrorist cell in British-occupied New York City.

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